A Remarkable Collaboration: Malagos Chocolate x Mamanola Granola

A first-of-its-kind collaboration that combines the heritage of Malagos Chocolate and the healthy made simple goodness of Mamanola Granola. This extraordinary partnership brings together two brands that share a passion for excellence and a commitment to showcase the best of Philippine ingenuity.

This collaboration not only merges our shared values but also represents the vibrant diversity of the Philippines. Harmoniously blending the distinct flavors and textures of Mamanola Granola with the deep richness of Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate, we take pride in being able to bring you a truly remarkable collaboration.

Together, Malagos Chocolate and Mamanola Granola invite you to savor the harmony of flavors and embrace the journey of taste where tradition, excellence and true craftsmanship is proudly made in the Philippines.
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