Malagos Chocolate

A Remarkable Collaboration: Malagos Chocolate x Mamanola Granola

A first-of-its-kind collaboration that combines the heritage of Malagos Chocolate and the healthy made simple goodness of Mamanola Granola. This extraordinary partnership brings together two brands that share a passion for excellence and a commitment to showcase the best of Philippine ingenuity.

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Mornings with Mamanola at Lake Hall

  • Theresa P.

    "My lactation partner and favourite snack! It helps me with my milk supply for baby and has helped me pump out that liquid gold! Even my other son loves it with nutella and fresh milk!"

  • Kat Y.

    "Mamanola is the best granola I've ever had. I've always loved granola but Mamanola ruined all other granola for me because it's in a class of its own - you can't find the chewiness, just-right sweetness and rich flavor anywhere else. It's addicting because you can eat it as breakfast, as dessert, or as a snack, so I end up eating it all day long. It's our family's favorite guilt-free comfort food."

  • Chie B.

    "Paired w/ fat-free yogurt, it's my go-to breakfast or snack - it actually even tastes great plain, and just munching on it!!!"